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Class 1 : Musicality -5 (Instrument)

  • Choosing the right sounds for your genre

  • Introduction to world instruments (African, Middle Eastern etc)

  • Understanding Orchestral instruments

  • Overview of different string instruments

  • Overview of different wood wind and brass instruments

  • What comprises of a String section

  • What comprises of a Horn section

Class 2 :Omnisphere/Trilian (Production)

  • Overview of patch browser

  • Using category, type, genre and complexity to find the right sound for your project

  • Assigning 8 sub channels on one software instrument in arrange window

  • Overview of main window

  • Overview of edit window

  • Overview of effects window

  • Overview of arpeggiator window

Class 3 :Omnisphere/Trilian Mixing (Production)

  • Overview of mixer window

  • Assigning effects for aux’s

  • What is live mode?

  • Using live mode effectively

  • Overview of stack mode

Class 4 :Miking and Recording Indian Instruments (Engineering)

  • Miking of Tabla and Dholak

  • Using the right amount of compression and equalisation through a pre-amp for recording Tabla and Dholak

  • Simultaneously recording Tabla and Dholak using noise gate

  • Recording other Indian percussion instruments (Duff, Nagada, Dhol, High Percussion etc.)

  • Miking and Recording different types of Indian string instruments (Sitar, Santoor, Sarangi, Tumbi)

Class 5 : Composition 2 (Instrument)

  • What is variation?

  • What is variation in composition?

  • Creating a variation on the same melody to extend composition

  • How to create a bridge section in music composition?

  • What is Coda?

  • How to create an effective coda section?

Class 6 : Movies and other essentials (Production)

  • Importing video into logic

  • Lock-Unlock SMPTE positions

  • Extracting audio

  • Adding pre roll to video with beeps for edit

  • Creating convincing audio edits for ad films (15s, 30s,45s)

  • Creating personalised key commands

  • Relocating sound library

  • Using logic remote

  • Authorising Plug-ins

  • Difference between export and bounce

Class 7 : Other Essential Effects (Engineering)

  • What is expander?

  • Using enveloper

  • Using auto filter

  • Using chorus/ flanger

  • Using rotor cabinet/ ring shifter

  • Using spreader

  • Using tremolo

  • Using vocal pitch shifter

  • Using vocal transformer

Class 8 :Ear Training 2 (Instrument)

  • Difference between relative and perfect pitch

  • Testing and Training of relative pitch

  • Identifying diminished and augmented chords by ear

  • Identifying dominant 7th and major 7th by ear

  • Identifying minor major 7th and add 9th by ear

  • How to effectively use Voice leading?

  • Preempting a chord progression

Class 9 : Foley (Engineering)

  • What is foley?

  • Recording sounds with visual reference

  • Miking appropriately for foley

  • Recording convincing foley (foot steps)

  • Manipulating foley sounds in DAW

  • Using foley sounds to make a musical track

Class 10 : Sound Design (Production)

  • What is sound design?

  • Using the right sounds and effects to a design a scene

  • Sound design along with BGM

  • Using silence and ambient sounds

  • Creating element of surprise

  • Using surround space

Class 11 : Introduction to in the box mastering (Engineering)

  • What is Mastering?

  • What is the difference between a mix and a master?

  • Why is mastering essential?

  • What is Multi-presser

  • Using the right amount of compression and limiting

  • Understanding over saturation

  • Understanding metering (Loudness meter/ Co-relation meter/ Level meter)

Class 12 :Coherence-Raghav Sachar

  • Choosing a preferred genre

  • Shortlisting the right sounds and instruments from logic legacy library

  • Using bass guitar sounds from Trilian

  • Using synth sounds from Omnisphere

  • Recording Tabla, Dholak and other instruments

  • Final mix down

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