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Daniel Bodnarchuk


Daniel is a sound engineer, musician and composer and Head of the Audio Engineering and Sound Production program at JMC Academy. His ongoing body of work includes composition, performances and engineered material for local and international release, featured on radio, film and across multi-platform streaming services. 

Daniel’s Audio Engineering career has included studio engineering for Melbourne bands, as well as live sound mixing and recording for local and international acts in iconic Melbourne venues ranging from the vibrant indie rock club scene to large scale venues such as the Melbourne Town Hall and Hamer Hall, engineering acts such as the Zelman Symphony Orchestra and Ballarat Symphony Orchestra, some of which has been played on both community and national radio. In the studio, Daniel has mixed and mastered for techno producer “Eye for One”, of the Melbourne nightclub scene. 

In theatre, Daniel has been responsible for sound design, radio transmission and sound playback operation on productions at Theatre Works in St Kilda. Daniel’s sound design encompasses a mixture of sample-based, organic and synthesised production in a Pro Tools workflow with qlab as the performance software. 

In film, Daniel has had the opportunity to work on large and small scale Australian films from both an audio engineer and music composition perspective. Daniel is responsible for the Audio engineering on ”Maid of Horror” and “Death of Friend”, a local international short film that has won multiple local film awards.

Daniel is a multi-instrumentalist who relies on the flexibility and portability of a modern, well connected recording studio. This has allowed him to relish in creative collaborations locally and internationally seeing chart success across Asia and Europe. 

As an independently managed musician, Daniel has performed at multiple Melbourne venues.  As a recording artist and studio musician, Daniel has recorded vocals, guitars and most recently sitar performances at Sing Sing recording studios in Melbourne and intimately knows the world class JMC recording studio rooms. Daniel wrote, produced, mixed and mastered his own independent folk/blues EP “The Songbird EP” which has been played on local, rural and international radio stations .  The single “Harp Blues” was featured in the internationally acclaimed film “Charlies Farm”. Daniel is a long-time collaborator with Australian/Swedish artist and producer “The Black Hundred”, playing synthesisers, vocals, wind and percussion instruments on album releases. Daniel is a firm believer in “cloud” collaborations being the future of the creative industries and recording technology.

Daniel holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, a Bachelor of Creative Technology, a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching and a Master of Education.

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