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Raghav Sachar

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Raghav Sachar is a Singer/ Music Composer and Multi Instrumentalist. 

He did his Bachelor of Music from Monash University in Australia specialising in jazz music. His main subjects were Music Composition and performance and main instruments were Saxophone and Flute.


He has also done few affiliated courses from Berklee College of Music, Boston, the Royal School and Trinity College, London.


He is known for playing more than 36 musical instruments and has been active in the Bollywood Industry as a Music Director/singer since 2005. He has done multiple singles and albums and collaborated with the likes of A.R. Rahman, Vishal Shekhar, Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Salim Sulaiman, Pritam to name a few. I have also done international collaborations with the legendary drummer Dave Weckl. 

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