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Designed for students who are just venturing into the field of Music Production, our 'Complete Producer Course' introduces you to basic musicality, complete music production and essential sound engineering techniques. 


By the end of our "Complete Producer Course" the students will be able to:

1. Compose and produce original music

2. Create background scores  for films, advertisements, etc.

3. Arrange music using softwares and live instrumentation

4. Handle and engineer live studio recordings 

5. Recreate compositions

6. Mix and Master songs using state of the art outboard gear

*Complete Producer course is our flagship course



'Personalised Lessons with Raghav Sachar' have been specifically curated for advanced level students in multiple wind and woodwind instruments. The classes will be conducted exclusively by Mr. Raghav Sachar and students will receive one on one guidance from the maestro. 

'Independent Instrument Lessons'- are for musicians who are keen on learning musical instruments under the guidance of professional musicians.

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