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During your term at "Raghav Sachar Music" you will be exposed to various state of the art equipments and machines which are some of the best machines available in the world.

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Neumann TLM 107 condenser microphone with five directional characteristics and a novel operating concept, features equally impressive level handling and low self noise, it captures everything from the softest whispers to thundering drums.

Sontronics Sigma Ribbon Microphone for Woodwind and Brass - Captures performances with a special warmth and vibe that only vintage ribbons do

Eves SC 407 as Midfields - A perfect combination of quality precision and power.

Genelec 1238 CF-DSP Enabled, passive flush mounted with separate sub which Offers a big performance in compact dimensions with integrated rear-panel amplifier .This product also was awarded as

1238CF - API Award 2011 - Best New Product
1238CF - TEC (Technical Excellence & Creativity) Award 
2011 - Studio Monitor Technology

Dangerous Compressor for Mix and Master - Delivers the impact, punch and clarity that brings music to life; provides powerful compression and limiting without robbing the music of its lifeforce

Apollo Twin - Allows you to access wide range of UAD plugins for online(live) and offline(post) recording

Unlimited Controller Seaboard RISE is a multi-award-winning, next-generation MIDI controller that gives you unlimited control of sound. A soft, continuous, touch-responsive surface replaces the keys of a traditional keyboard. 

Genelec Double Dome Subwoofer - Brings low-end accuracy to the tightest of production environments

Avid Artist Mix - Mix with greater speed and ease than a mouse. It gives you 8 high quality faders, 8 knobs, transport controls and multiple dedicated switches that provide precision conrol

Avid Artist Control - For unmatched integration and programaability to accelerate editing and mixing tasks


One of the best pre-amps in the world avalon 737 preamp , compressor and #eq for vocals and instrumental Dubs - It features a combination of tubepreamplifiers, opto-compressor, sweep equalizer, output level and VU metering in a 2U space


Dangerous 2-Bus+; 16 Channel Summing Unit For Mix & Master - Delivers unsurpassed imaging, dimensionality, punch and headroom

Nectar Impact LX-61 X MIDI Keyboard
For midi programming 

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