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Students willing to learn Wind & Woodwind instruments, Vocals, Piano with Musicality and Music Production can opt for one on one exclusive lessons with Mr.Raghav Sachar. The entry into this course is strictly through auditions.

Woodwind Instruments

-Saxophone (Alto/ Tenor/ Soprano)


-Clarinet/ Bass clarinet


-Flute/ Metallic Flute

Wind Instruments

-Harmonica/Chromonica/Blues Harp/Puck

-Tenor Recorder/Recorder




Piano and Composition


-Understanding Musicality


- Voice Texture

-Western Vocals Techniques (Vibrato, Modulation)


-Indian Alaps and Ragas

-Mixing Western and Indian Vocal Techniques

Fee Structure- Rs 5000 + Taxes Per Lesson

*Students need to carry their own Instruments

Comprehensive Music Production With

Raghav Sachar

Fee Structure- Rs 5,00,000  + Taxes

Course Duration 6 Months

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